Street Art’s Influence on T-shirt Design

Street Art’s Influence on T-shirt Design

March 20, 2019 Off By h-lange

What is Street Art?

Your first extensive exposure to road artwork was probably in the town in which your home is, a favorite city you’ve been to, or while binge viewing Netflix and stumbling about the documentary Leave at the Present Shop.

Street artwork can either be commissioned or illegally crafted. Another phrase for street artwork which has a more negative (AKA unlawful) connotation is graffiti. In his publication The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell popularized the “broken home windows theory” which sources serves of vandalism, and expresses that by preserving urban conditions and stopping small offences, bigger ones are less inclined to happen.

Folks are either quite definitely to get what they deign independence of appearance, or consider all road artwork to be an eyesore (and the reason for additional unlawful activities in the same heart as the damaged windows theory). When you are in the previous approach, then you’re in the right place. We’ll be using road art style to create t-shirts. Read more about this here, OtherLinks.

How will you integrate Street Art into T-shirt design?

Here’s the good thing: when you integrate street artwork into a t-shirt design, you’re completely inside your rights to independence of appearance! We can’t ensure the same if you opt to move your design instead aside of an open public building.

There are few easy methods for getting touching your internal Street Art musician:

  • Be different. Road art sticks out since it defies typical and sticks out. Don’t follow typical design conventions when seeking to use street artwork as motivation for a t-shirt design.
  • Make a declaration. Street artists work questionably by violating regulations expressing themselves (if the task had not been commissioned), however they usually get it done to spread a robust message. What message do you want to share?
  • Create a stencil. If you’re seeking to create several t-shirts, you might consider developing a stencil to apply color on multiple t-shirts for identical appear and feel.
  • Be shiny and vivid. Use color! Road performers captivate with vibrancy as well as your t-shirt can do the same by firmly taking benefit of this fact.

How do you want to add a component of Street Art into the next t-shirt design task? We’d like to hear your ideas!

Important Components of Street Art

It’s easy to spot road art, but there are a few distinctive elements that established it aside from other artistic actions:

  • Conveying a note; often politics in nature
  • Displayed on the public place/building
  • Rough throughout the edges however you like and execution
  • Images made up of stencils and paste ups

Of course, many of these elements of road artwork are just generalizations. Each piece is a lot different from another!